Gatorade G Pro Endurance Energy Drink

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Prevent cramping and loss of energy by staying hydrated and replenished throughout even your toughest workout. Whether you're a heavy sweater or you perspire just a little, your body is losing valuable sodium and electrolytes. The Gatorade® G Series Pro Endurance Formula offers the ideal blend of sodium and potassium. Simply mix with water and drink on the go to balance your system and feel great.
Features & Benefits:
Replaces critical electrolytes lost in sweat: To help maintain proper fluid balance
Drink during activity to match sweat rates
Calories: 50 per serving
Electrolytes: 200mg Sodium; 90mg Potassium; 6mg Calcium; 3mg Magnesium
Carbohydrate: 14g
  1. It grows on you! Review by Diana

    I bought this in prep for Ironman Hawaii since I failed to buy it prior to my last Ironman and suffered the consequences. I actually like it now and it sits well with my stomach while running. At first it wasn't the best, and now it's good and tastes pretty good as well. It's nice to be able to dilute it to your exact taste preference. (Posted on 9/16/15)

  2. Drink up! Review by Nick Vasdekas*

    Use it for races, but i try to keep it diluted. Tastes like the classic thing. Some thing it's strong overall, but I just use more water than powder and feel ok. Classic lime is great! (Posted on 8/28/13)

  3. it Performs!!! Review by Russel Franceschina*

    The mix gives me the ability to adjust the blend depending on the workout and the formula blend suits me well., not to mention it tastes good too. Gatorade Perform keeps the cramps away while keeping me well hydrated. It is a staple in my water bottles. (Posted on 1/11/13)

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