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Hoka Men's Bondi Speed 2 Running Shoes - 2013

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Quick Overview

The Bondi Speed 2 is Hoka's ultra high performance version of the best selling road running shoe, the Bondi B. The Bondi Speed 2 uses the same midsole as the Bondi B and includes these performance upgrades: lightweight tongue, speed laces, increased ventilation, and heel and tongue loop for quick entry. A great triathlon shoe and performance upgrade to the Bondi B.

Hoka One One NQA (No Questions Asked) Satisfaction Guarantee: If you are not happy with your Hoka Shoes for any reason you can return them to us within 60 days and in ANY condition for a full refund....No Questions Asked. Limit one per customer.

More details and specs below.

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  • Hoka Men's Bondi Speed 2 Running Shoes - 2013
  • Hoka Men's Bondi Speed 2 Running Shoes - 2013
  • Hoka Men's Bondi Speed 2 Running Shoes - 2013
  • Hoka Men's Bondi Speed 2 Running Shoes - 2013
  • Hoka Men's Bondi Speed 2 Running Shoes - 2013
  • Hoka Men's Bondi Speed 2 Running Shoes - 2013
  • Hoka Men's Bondi Speed 2 Running Shoes - 2013
  • Hoka Men's Bondi Speed 2 Running Shoes - 2013
  • Hoka Men's Bondi Speed 2 Running Shoes - 2013
  • Hoka Men's Bondi Speed 2 Running Shoes - 2013

What Makes Hoka One One Different?

- Hoka One One’s super cushion midsole technology offers superior shock absorption, comfort and rebound. The distinctive rocker geometry creates an ideal platform for optimal, efficient, and natural running mechanics.
- The oversized outsole provide outstanding stability given the high level of cushion and shock absorption provided by the midsole.
- With over 50 podium finishes on five continents in the past 2 years, not only do the shoes provide a sense of weightlessness, superior comfort and efficiency but Hoka’s athlete results prove this is an authentic and meaningful performance running brand.
- These running shoes are 15 percent lighter than most others. They make running uphill as much fun as running downhill and with less body fatigue and muscle damage.

Recommended: Road running and triathlon for any distance.

Comfort and Cushioning: The midsole foam is 30% softer than the material used in traditional running shoes, and there is 2.5 times more volume than in most running shoes. The extra cushioning dissipates up to 80% of the shock associated with heel striking when running and allows for as much as 20mm of compression in the heel, plus extra protection allowing you to soar over asphalt surfaces.

BENEFITS: Engineered for maximum cushioning, comfort, protection and energy return, while still offering lightweight, nimble performance and uninhibited movement. Run more efficiently with less injury and quicker recovery.

Weight: 10 oz size 9

Gradient: 4.5 mm

- Debris-proof, closed mesh
- Light weight tongue construction
- Synthetic support strapping
- Fast entry heel webbing
- Quick lacing system

- 2.5x EVA volume
- 30% softer EVA
- Control Bucket Seating

- High abrasion EVA
- High version, sticky rubber compound
  1. Excellent shoe Review by Kirk

    This is my favorite shoe. I just purchased my third pair from The Tri Shop. Great deal too. (Posted on 3/17/14)

  2. Simply Awesome Review by PeakTriCoaching

    I am a huge fan of the Hoka's for triathletes, especially long course athletes. I switched over to them last year and my feet felt so much better and I was much stronger in the 2nd of the marathons in both of my IM's. I also had my 2 fastest IM run splits. One of which was in Kona.

    I would definitely recommend giving these a try. I recommend them to my clients and I have only had 1 client so far not be extremely satisfied with these. (Posted on 3/15/14)

  3. Good shoes, not for everybody Review by Matthew

    I'm a long time Newton runner and have been happy with them, but wanted to give Hoka a try. I was surprised how stable they felt and they are fairly light considering how bulky they are. I like the lacing system. They are amazingly cushy, but I don't know if I will use them as my main shoes. On all three of my runs so far I've developed a little lateral knee pain around mile 4-5. I don't usually have IT band pain, and still not sure why I get it with these shoes and not my others. I must some how change my form, perhaps I'd do better with a rocker sole. I will try giving them more time, but may just end up using these for shorter runs if my legs are feeling beaten down. I think the amount of padding may take away a little too much feedback and feel od the foot strike. Clearly many people love the shoe but I've been more happy with my experiences with Brooks and Newton. (Posted on 2/10/14)

  4. His and Hers Review by Pamela

    Bought this shoe for myself and my husband. Very comfortable training shoe for me but my husband wears them for training as well as the 5k and 10k races. He has always had knee aches and pains when running and with the Hoka's this is much improved. (Posted on 2/4/14)

  5. Excellent Running Shoe Review by TriHack

    I've been running in Hoka shoes since August 2012 and do not intend to switch to a different manufacturer anytime soon. This is my 2nd pair of Bondi Speed 2. I also have the original Bondi Speed, a pair of Bondi B, and the Stinson EVO Tarmac. The Bondi Speed 2 provides exceptional cushioning and stability, which translates into happy, healthy feet, legs, and joints. I use the Bondi Speed for both longer training runs and also faster interval work, too. My legs and feet do not feel as beat-up after long runs using these shoes. By comparison, the Bondi Speed feels very similar to the Bondi B in cushioning and support. My one, HUGE, negative comment about the shoes are that the soles wear out way too fast. Had the same problem with the Bondi B. Did not have that problem with the Stinsons, which have a completely different sole and I only use for shorter runs and speed workouts. Hopefully Hoka has addressed the sole issue with their 2014 line-up. The price tag for the shoes should merit a much more durable, longer lasting sole. The sizing seems to be pretty accurate when ordering. I would give this shoe a five star rating if not for the soles wearing out too quickly. With that said, I would still highly recommend this shoe as a great exceptionally cushioned overall performance shoe for both longer and shorter distances. (Posted on 1/10/14)

  6. Very comfortable shoe Review by Dianna

    Got these for my husband for Christmas and he loves them. Great shoe for outdoor or treadmill running. Super comfortable for long runs. Bright orange-red color is highly visible. He loves Hoka's and won't run in anything else! (Posted on 1/4/14)

  7. overcame my Achilles problems Review by Jean-Pierre

    I got these 1 year ago because I couldn't run any more, due to severe and long lasting Achilles inflammation on both legs. Together with exercises, these shoes helped me overcome this problem and I can run again!!!
    Yesterday I did a 25k training run with lot's of ups and downs, 100% on hard paved roads and I did not get any of the usual sore legs, but felt fine! Now I want to buy a new pair (and one for my partner as well), but the Bondi Speed 2 doesn't seem to be offered anymore - do I have to swith to the Bondi 3 or to the Conquest? (Posted on 1/4/14)

  8. Great Shoe Review by Faith

    I ordered these for my husband who was very skeptical until I got my pair and loved them. He still thinks the look is sort of funky but loves the performance and comfort of the shoe. He finds that he runs farther and without the little aches and pains in his bad left knee. I think he is extremely satisfied with the Hokas (Posted on 12/19/13)

  9. Best running and trail shoe Review by James

    I first bought the Hoka running shoes this past summer 2013! The reason why
    I bought the Hoka running was that I was having serious hip and leg pains running in the so called top of the line Asics, New Balance, Brooks, Nike Air Max, and Saucony running shoes. After this experience I thought my running carrier was over. For those of us who are long distance runners, we know that the aforementioned running shoe manufacturers have become garbage over the years.

    Nevertheless, I've been running since 1987, when I first joined the U.S. Army and back then -New Balance, Asics, and Nike Air Max were comfortable and durable running shoes. Now this is not the case.

    Then came the Hoka's (really an ultra marathon shoe)! It is my opinion that if a consumer buys a pair of Hoka's they will not be disappointed, rest assured.

    Hoka's immediately eliminated my leg and hip pain. Now I can run five miles daily with no pain at all. The models of Hoka's that I would recommend are the Mafate (all models), Stinson Tarmac (all models), and the Bondi (all models).

    Running in DC (National Mall area) and Virginia (National Harbor:Wilson Bridge; Oldtown-Tanger Outlet Mall and back) have never been so comfortable. Only thanks to the Hoka's and its' excellent shock absorption technology..

    (Posted on 12/11/13)

  10. Great comfort and performance!!! Review by Johnny

    I bought a pair of these for my full marathon training. I read tons of reviews on these and decided to purchase. I cannot be any happier with these shoes. I had so much foot and knee pain by the 18th mile with my other name brand shoes. I completed the full marathon and was able to walk off the soreness I had. They are great for long distance running. Gonna purchase the new 2014 model!! (Posted on 12/11/13)

  11. Very Pleased Review by Dick

    I'm 71, male, not overweight, and had to give up running about 15 years ago because my lower back and hips couldn't take the pounding. Lately, that's also been true with brisk walking on a treadmill.
    I've been wearing the Pegusus, Nike's cushioned shoe but wanted more cush and ordered these. The cushion is all it was said to be and I'm very pleased.
    Minor quibbles- the rounded rear heel results in a bit of "rollback" on the downstride which I'm getting used to. Also could use more padding in the tongue and a bit more arch support.
    Materials seem to be top quality. They fit like all running shoes - 1/2 size larger than my dress shoe size.
    (Posted on 12/7/13)

  12. Super good feel but not bulky Review by Kurt

    This is my second pair of Hokas. My first pair was one of their trail shoes. I wanted a road shoe without extra weight/bulk so chose the Bondi S. What a wonderful shoe. Feels nice and soft but rides like a regular running shoe once you are used to it. Highly recommended. (Posted on 11/2/13)

  13. Great shoe! Review by MATT

    I love these shoes. I just ran with them for the Miami 70.3. I suffer from capsulitis under my 2nd toe and shin splints if overexerted...no pain! Great shoes...I think that I might like the Stinsons rocker sole better, but these are great! (Posted on 10/31/13)

  14. Currently the Best shoe Hoka makes for road Review by Thomas

    I love this shoe. I own 5 pair. Rotate them. Nothing better to keep you in the game without those nagging injuries. (Posted on 10/30/13)

  15. Very comfortable shoe Review by Hugo

    I've had been looking for a light running shoe with more cushion. Glad I found the Hoka. The shoe is very light and has a lot of cushion. The shoe gives you an extra bounce and feet and knees take less pounding on runs. Very satisfied with this running shoe. (Posted on 10/28/13)

  16. Don't wear them too long - replace and get the cushion back! Review by Michael

    I had purchased my first pair of Speed 2 in preparation for my 70.3 tri and found them to be awesome. I was able to run without the lower leg pain I had with other stability shoes. I found that these do wear fast as they seem to have a soft sole. Following my race I had another half marathon to train for and found the leg pain coming back. As these shoes are an investment, I pushed too many miles on them and found when I replaced them with a new pair the pain free running came back after very quickly. These are the only shoes I wear today. (Posted on 10/21/13)

  17. Great Shoe!! Review by Pat

    I have three pair of Hoka's now and these are my favorite!! (Posted on 10/4/13)

  18. Awesomeness Review by Jonathan

    I have been turning fellow runners onto these shoes for some time now. They feel like they give me the maximum return stride after stride. If you don't have a pair, what are you waiting on? (Posted on 10/4/13)

  19. Great shoe for any distance Review by John

    I was very skeptical of this shoe but reading all of the reviews on this site and others made me take a chance. I am glad I did. I have run in Brooks and Newtons and both are quality brands but my legs have never felt as good after a brick session or race than with the Bondi Speed 2. I will say that the laces are junk. I replaced them immediately. Be careful on going sockless...the arch support in the shoe may rub a blister...use chamois cream liberally to help with friction.. (Posted on 10/3/13)

  20. Marshmellowy cushiony comfort Review by Justin

    I've been in minimalist shoes for a while now but needing something with cushion for the longer runs and these fit the bill. I have maybe 100 miles on them and they feel great. Weight is noticeable versus a lightweight trainer or race shoe and slows my cadence a bit, but I will take the gain of my lower legs not feeling so beat up after a long run. There is definite room for improvement and these shoes are early in their development. I believe with time they will be a 5 star shoe, but only 4 for now on the fit and feel overall and they will need to improve on some of the syling of the soles. Foam is wearing pretty quickly but I should get at least the same as other shoe wear, hopefully a bit more, we'll see. Not sure I like the Bondi 2 speed laces for "speed" as a laces with some spring in in them would be faster than having to adjust the lace for tight fit. I have a fairly wide forefoot and the Bondi 2 fit just fine up front. Hopefully with more volume sales the price will come down as well. Probably not the shoe you want to run in during rain or lot of heat. (Posted on 10/2/13)

  21. Awesome shoes. Review by Patrick

    My third pair of Hokas. These shoes are great for folks that need a little extra cushioning. I nearly abandoned my marathon training as I had some foot pain associated with an old injury but with the hokas was able to increase my mileage even as my foot healed. Love these shoes and the encourage a mid foot strike without even thinking about it. (Posted on 9/20/13)

  22. training volume booster Review by john

    i got these (in the tri shop non-red color) to minimize wear and tear on my knees as i increase training volume. they do reduce percieved impact force significantly compared to any shoe i have tried before. they feel possibly less efficient at slower jogging speeds and better as the pace picks up. down hill is smooth and i feel they help me maintain momentum and minimize braking. I have experienced some calf soreness, probably due to the low heel/toe drop, but nothing to impact my training in any way. yes, the soles are wearing rapidly in the mid and forefoot areas. they are either true to size or a bit large. (Posted on 9/11/13)

  23. GREAT shoe! Review by Yancy

    This was my 1st pair of Hokas. An avid runner friend of mine had a pair and it struck my interest. I teach a high impact group fitness class and a free weight lifting class as a hobby . Due to my kids' schedules, I have started running on the road again as a supplementary training activity.

    After research and reviews, I tried on a pair while vacationing down in Orlando. I couldn't believe the feel! The store that I tried on the Hokas didn't have this model in my size.

    I ordered these (half size smaller than I normally wear) usually wear 9.5 in other brands, ordered 9 in the Bondis. My 1st run was the next day after receiving them was a 4 mile run to the health club, did a group fitness weight lifting class, then a 4 mile run back home. Shoes felt great, no hot spots or blisters, no break in period at all! Better yet, feet and legs felt great the next day as well!

    What's really crazy is that my old "cushion" model running shoes now feel like racing flats compared to my Hokas!

    Definitely will buy another pair again! (Posted on 9/5/13)

  24. Awesome Review by Joe Zep

    Total comfort and provides the most cushioning in a running shoe I have ever tried. I have tried many from Nike to Newton and the is only shoe that comes close are New Balance. (Posted on 8/18/13)

  25. Bondi B speed running shoe Review by cayuga15

    this is my first pair of Bondi

    I love these shoes.They are light weight and so great to run in. I have had a painful ankle for 12 years. I have tried just about every insert available,nothing worked until I tried these shoes no pain no matter how many miles I run

    s (Posted on 8/18/13)

  26. Could be a season saver Review by Brewtalboyz

    I've been 'battling' both a bad case of plantar fasciitis and a muscle/nerve issue which put me off the roads last October. I'm slowly getting some miles in and certainly not 'healed' yet, but these shoes are allowing me to shuffle along and are providing hope that I will be able to run strongly again. Yes...not a manly color and fairly odd looking shoes but if this continues to progress - I will be singing the praises for years to come (and continuing to wear them) (Posted on 8/16/13)

  27. These are AWESOME Shoes Review by Michael

    I have had leg trouble all Spring and have not been able to go over 5 miles until I bought these shoes. I am training for a 70.3 and I love running in these shoes. They totally feel like my feet relax and transition fast in T2. The first time I tried them on, I was amazed at how comfortable they were, but worried how they would feel to run. They are light and fast. I have not lost any time, and have been able to increase my distance. When I go back to my New Balance 860, my feet go "really you want me to back to these!" I am hook on Hoka and may be the only running shoe I buy! (Posted on 8/16/13)

  28. Great Shoe Review by Richard

    First Hoka shoe and more than satisfied. Been running close to 40 years and noticed immediately I was running easier and my speed had improved. Planning to wear in the Chicago Marathon. Only drawback are the speed laces which were hard to adjust. Replaced with iBungee Speed Laces and they work great. Plan on being a Hoka convert. (Posted on 8/15/13)

  29. Awesomely comfortable! Review by Steve

    These shoes are a knee saver! I can now run without knee pain. They are enabling me to run further, and every day. I could not do that before these shoes. (Posted on 8/15/13)

  30. Great shoes! Review by Steve

    It took about one minute of running to ask myself "Why did you wait so long." Runs of all distances are pain free and recovery is quicker. I've found they run a little wide so a thicker pair of socks were in order. Highly recommended! (Posted on 8/6/13)

  31. Hoka's Rock Review by Dan

    There are literally the very best shoes I've ever run in. I've worn many types of shoes with varying amounts of support, but these are by far the best. I weigh about 200lbs and am 6'2". I train for tri's and have had a few leg issues in the past (calves, hams) which is why I decided to try these. I put them on and it felt like I was on a cloud but I was a bit wary since they seemed quite substantial. Once I ran in them I was sold and my legs haven't bothered me since. I've also been very diligent about stretching, but I think the shoes have played a large part in my recovery and continued leg health. (Posted on 8/4/13)

  32. Great shoe Review by Manteca George

    Been very happy with this shoe as I have with all the Hoka products I have used. This shoe really helped with my knee issue. (Posted on 7/31/13)

  33. Hoka Review by Ron

    I have a bad case of heel pain and these shoes have helped reduce my pain level, however the price was up there and the durability of the souls are a question for me. I have had them for approx 2 months and have noticed the treads starting to wear. With approx 40 miles on them leads me to believe i will be wearing these souls down pretty fast. Run stride had to take an aggressive change so my speeds have slowed. The four star rating is due mainly because of the price yet they are the most comfortable running shoes that I have ever owned. (Posted on 7/12/13)

  34. Great shoe! Review by Derek

    I was having an issue with the bottom of my foot (plantar fasciitis?) and had tried different stretches and anti-inflammatories. Everything helped a little, but nothing worked to make the issue go away. I had read about these shoes and decided to give them a try. Within one week the issue had cleared and I was finishing my runs with much less leg fatigue. Highly recommended having these in your shoe line up, so when those little niggly injuries start you can soften the impact while everything heals before the injury become more chronic. These can become your everday shoe, although I like rotating in other shoes so my feet get different work outs. I Always wear these running long now. (Posted on 6/21/13)

  35. Great Running Shoe Review by Marathonrun

    I'm a Grandmaster Runner, 78 yrs Old, 29 yrs. Of Running. Running Now, One Full, And Three Half Marathons Per Year, With The Usual 5, And 10k;s. Have PR In All The Races In These Shoes. Most I Have Paid For Shoes, But Worth It. Belong To The Orlando Runners Club.Thanks Hoka. (Posted on 6/21/13)

  36. the most comfortable shoes of all time! Review by DR

    My first pair of Bondi S (two previous pairs of Bondi B's)...these are a bit lighter, and more stable...I can continue to run w/o my orthotics as I have with the other two...the shoes are masterpieces, and are counter to the current minimalist movement which did not work for me...after 40 years of long distance running, I cannot see ever buying another brand of shoe.... (Posted on 6/16/13)

  37. hoka bondi s Review by MO

    I got these shoes for the San Diego rock n Roll Marathon these shoes are not the best looking but if your a real runner you know that looks is not what you look for but performance these shoes are great (Posted on 6/9/13)

  38. Unbelievable, even too small Review by Graeme

    Bondi Speed 2s were my first Hokas. Though I ordered at the correct size, they were too narrow and caused me blisters. I count that as my fault, because other than that, they were perfect, lowering my times and leaving me fresher the next day. Thus, the five-star rating. I went up in size by a half over my normal and switched to the Stinson Evos and the blister problem was cured. I can't say enough about the function when it comes to running distances comfortably. As for the looks, who decided soles need to look thin to look good anyway? (Posted on 6/2/13)

  39. Satisfaction Review by John

    These shoes will amaze you. They let your body do what it is designed to do comfortably without the pounding. Go longer, farther, and faster with Hoka and TheTriShop.com (Posted on 5/18/13)

  40. Renewed my love of running Review by Pain free

    After one run I was hooked, ordered a second pair the next week. First time in 3 years I have run 10 miles and been pain free. These are my only running shoes now. I will be rocking these at 2 Ironman events this year (Posted on 5/17/13)

  41. Great shoe, anything from 5k to ultras Review by Thomas

    I just ran a PR in my Hoka Speed 2's, in a 10k. I will be using the same shoe for a marathon next weekend. As a heavier runner, these are the best shoes around for knees, calves, and ankles. Almost impossible to roll an ankle in these, even though it would seem the opposite by looking at the shoe. My girlfriend weighs next to nothing and she uses her Hokas strictly for anything above a half. Great shoe. (Posted on 5/8/13)

  42. Good street shoe . . . Review by Kevin

    I normally run trail so I have become used to a softer run and a lighter, flat shoe. Must admit I was skeptical when another trail runner recommended the Hoka for street, they look like boats. Anyway, short story shorter, took a run or two to get used to them, but no issues, very comfortable, makes road running tolerable, still boring, but tolerable. (Posted on 5/1/13)

  43. Great shoe---helps you go the extra miles Review by Steve

    Missed the mark on the right length for the speed laces.

    The tongue tends to slide inward unless secured with laces

    Runs a bit wide, and slightly big, but true to size (10.5)

    Getting another pair. (Posted on 4/19/13)

  44. Awesome shoe. Plenty of support without the added weight. Review by msc18

    Shoe allows for added cushion while allowing you to mid-foot strike similar to minimalistic shoes I have used in the past without the bulk. Not super lightweight but light enough to allow quick ground strike and take off. Looks like a big heavy clunky shoe but isn't. (Posted on 4/18/13)

  45. Awesome, helps with injury Review by Stacie

    I have sesmoiditis and couldn't run much due to the impact. Somone suggested these to try due to the extra cushioning. I can now run without major pain afterwards (slowing building my distance back up.) They feel great and are allowing me to get some good running cardio in. (Posted on 4/15/13)

  46. I like this shoe. Review by Dave

    More than I usually pay for shoes but worth it. The Hoka has helped my ankle problems right away. My foot Doc says their good for my problem. And for the first time many people have commented on the style. Love the Hoka. (Posted on 4/14/13)

  47. Love these shoes Review by zillarunner

    I really love these shoes! After getting used to the zero drop from the HOKA Mafate's I easily adapted to the Bondi Speed 2's. My 1st long run in them was over 53 miles in a 12 hour run on tarmac/cement. About 8 hours later, I was able to get another 17 miles in pacing others doing the 24 hour run. 70 miles total and my legs felt great. The previous year I was all beat up from 50 miles. (Ok-I was stiff, but not lame)
    I also really like the speed laces.
    (Posted on 3/29/13)

  48. Love the snug fit! Review by Kenneth

    It was suggested I the Hoka Bondi speed 2 fit was true to size. After a previous Hoka purchase of a 1/2 size larger, I was concern with the fit. To my delight the fit was perfect from the first time I put them on and contiunes after a month into my latest Hoka ride. (Posted on 3/29/13)

  49. Great shoes! Review by kb7065

    I love the shoes. They look like they would be ungainly or clunky to run in, but they are quite the opposite. They are light and responsive, yet provide a level of cushioning that I want to save some wear and tear on my body - especially my hips. (Posted on 3/27/13)

  50. Very good shoes Review by Zillarunner

    After settling into my Mafate's, my 1st HOKA's, I was confident the BONDI 2's would be a good investment for my upcoming 12 hour run on pavement. Last year was pretty painful. My last run was 8 trail miles in Mafate's followed by 12+ road miles in the BONDI's. They were very comfortable with no issues. I love the speed laces. (Posted on 3/9/13)

  51. Where have these been all my life Review by Bigdaddy

    These shoes will not let you down. you might think that is a shoe with this much cushion you would loose stability, but not so with the Bondi S2. I am training for my third marathon and working to an ultra, these are definitely an advantage. (Posted on 3/4/13)

  52. Great shoe Review by Don in Seattle

    I have several pairs of Hokas and this one is great although I wasn't crazy about the graphics. I flew past all the people wearing minimalist shoes on the down hills. These shoes are fast and light in spite of the perceived bulk. (Posted on 3/4/13)

  53. Best Sneaker For Me Review by Jeffrey

    I was shopping online for new sneakers because my local running stores don't carry wide sneakers. I came cross a link for "Triathlon sneakers" and scoffed. But I hit the TriShop link and checked out the Hoka Bondi Speed 2 sneakers. Ok, with the speed laces one could argue they were Triathlon-ready. I liked the look and features and ordered a pair. The most expensive pair of sneakers I ever purchased. If my wife found out, she would be pretty upset.

    It turns out these are the best pair of sneakers I've ever owned. Yes, I will use them for Triathlons. But with the best fit and the most comfort and cushion these are now my long distance sneakers. I am training for my first marathon and I bought two pair of featherweight shoes for the long runs. These Hokas are only rated 2.2oz's heavier. But the Hoka's are way more comfortable and the extra cushion makes all the difference after 8-10 miles.

    I highly recommend overlooking the higher price and focus on features and comfort. (Posted on 2/27/13)

  54. Awesome running shoe! Review by Big Man

    At 6'2" and 225 lbs, I am not necessarily geared for running and have dealt with some foot and hip issues in the past. Since changing to the Hoka Bondi running shoes, these issues are no longer present.
    A very comfortable and cushioned shoe with a large toe box to accomodate my "boats".
    Highly recommend giving this a try! (Posted on 2/22/13)

  55. Ill never go back to my other running shoes Review by Sheila

    Was a bit Skeptical at first. I've had three knee surgeries and running had become very painful. I love it so much that I was willing to try anything. My orthopedic doctor told me to try them. I took them out of the box and put on my two week old pair of brooks on one foot, and the Hoka on the other. I love my brooks, but there was no comparison! I never run in anything else. (Posted on 2/5/13)

  56. I'm buying 2 more pair as I'm writing this review 1 for me 1 for the Wife. Review by Kevin

    Awesome shoes!! Nuff said!! (Posted on 12/18/12)

  57. So good they should be illegal Review by Cynthia

    This is my 4th pair of Hoka One One's, and my second pair of Bondi B's. These are amazing shoes. The cushioning is supreme, and if you have leg/foot/joint pain these will probably greatly diminish it or even eliminate it. They are super light, feel so comfortable you'll want to get another pair just to wear around town. These tri shoes are a bit flashy, but I really like the quick lace system and the new lighter upper. They do run a bit small, so order a size up from your usual size. Size is similar to Nikes. I've been a runner for close to 30 years, I will never buy another brand of running shoes except Hoka One One. (Posted on 9/12/12)

  58. Smooth! Review by Jimi

    I bought these shoes for revocery runs and post race mobility. They are everything I was looking for and more. I may even run the upcoming Vegas 70.3 World Championships in these. Thanks to the Trishop.com and Scott! (Posted on 8/28/12)

  59. Fantastic Review by Ike

    I love the shoe. I was skeptical of the lacing at first however it works fabulous. Love the color. Have to buy men's since they do not come in an eleven for women. (Posted on 8/28/12)

  60. Comfort and Speed Review by Old Marine

    I'm six one and 215lbs. I thought that calf and foot pain was just something I had to endure. Just part of the process at my size. Wrong. My first run I took them out for 19 hard miles on the road, I'm in the Bondi Speed. It's the first shoe that I felt my fitness gave out before the aches made me suffer. What a treat to wear.

    I will use these for everything but the track, and only because I like to wear flats there. I've been running in zero drops so there was no transition for the 4mm in the Bondi.

    Clearly the best money I have ever spent on a running shoe, and I have spent a lot. Worth the price. It's like driving a really fast Cadillac. You have maximum comfort, but still beating the little cars at the start.

    Spend a little money to avoid some injuries, and the long term savings will far outweigh the short term costs of purchasing this shoe. I will be buying the Evo Tarmac soon as well, I have heard great things. (Posted on 8/1/12)

  61. Can't wait for next pair! Review by Chip

    i am a clydesdale triathlete (proud of it and the fastest in florida!). running is my most challenging discipline and combined with my size, i have bought running shoes by the dozens looking for the perfect one. i have found it in hoka one one.

    i bought my first pair of bondi b's this year and have been on cloud nine ever since! my legs don't feel crushed after long runs anymore. aches and pains from so much time on the road have disappeared. even after suffering a triple fracture and torn ligaments in my foot last november, the hoka's enabled me to get back to mileage far quicker than any other shoe could have.

    i switch between 3-4 shoes during a training week and will be dumping all brands to run exclusively in hoka's. i am excited to get ahold of the new bondi speeds, after which you will have to add a 6 to your rating scale! (Posted on 7/27/12)

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