Hammer Recoverite (32 serving)

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Quick Overview

- Minimize post-exercise muscle soreness
- Rebuild muscle tissue
- Restore muscle glycogen
- Made with natural ingredients
- Gluten-Free
- Contains no MSG
- Kosher Dairy Certified (more info)
How well you perform tomorrow depends on how well you recover today, which is why you can't cut corners when it comes to your post-workout fueling. Recoverite supplies your body with the proper 3:1 ratio of complex carbohydrates and the highest quality whey protein isolate, along with generous amounts of multi-beneficial glutamine (a whopping 3 grams per serving!), the potent antioxidant l-carnosine, and a full-spectrum electrolyte profile. The result is rapid and enhanced recovery, which allows you to obtain the maximum value from all your hard workouts, ideally prepping your body for your next workout or race. Make sure you're recovering right with Recoverite and remember, it makes a superb meal replacement drink as well. Train hard, recover right today and feel great tomorrow.
Extra Benefits:
The amino acid glutamine, also contained in Hammer Whey, plays a vital role in the health of the muscles, immune system, and digestive tract. Glutamine is arguably the key "recovery amino" as it (A) helps boost the immune system (B) helps to reduce the symptoms of over training (C) plays a role in enhancing glycogen synthesis (D) stimulates muscle protein synthesis for the rebuilding of lean muscle tissue.
  1. BEST recovery drink !! Review by Gina

    Have been using this stuff for YEARS !!!!
    It's my favorite recovery drink !~!!
    Hammer products in general are AWESOME !!!!
    :-) (Posted on 4/28/13)

  2. Great natural product Review by Bryan

    Great product, all natural, not too sweet. Will get you the most out of your training by helping you recover well. Chocolate has been my favorite out of the three. (Posted on 1/6/12)

  3. Excellent product for recovery Review by Patrick

    I have used many different products for recovery but find the Recoverite tastes good and aids in recovery. I'm able to workout hard and come back the next day ready to go again. I can only say that the Chocolate and Strawberry flavors alone or mixed together taste good, have not tried the Citrus. (Posted on 8/3/11)

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